Friday, February 7, 2014

Ham Radio...what does it mean to me?

It's been several years since I first got my ticket. I thought for sure that by now I'd have done so much and talked to the world! Wrong it seems. I do have a radio in my vehicle and 2 at my desk, but in all this time I've yet to put up my G5RV jr to actually spin the dial and talk to people. I do usually turn on my dual band radio and leave it sitting on UHF and VHF call channel's, just in case there are people out there calling out. As you might expect, there isn't much traffic on there. I'm usually monitoring and will normally answer people that call out, but it's been awhile. Last field day, I used some masking tape and put the wire up on my ceiling and was able to make several contacts. Really amazed me actually, but it was fun. I hope to make some more contacts this year as well. I have been thinking about checking out my local ham radio club, but so far I've not done it. I've always been interested in radio since I was a young teenager. My parents bought me a CB base station and antenna and I was talking to several people on there. When I started driving, I put a CB in my car as did my friends. Several of the bus drivers had them as well, and I'd talk to them too. My neighbor was the one who got me into ham radio. I hadn't been aware that they dropped the code requirement, but I'm glad they did, or I'd have never got my ticket. Strangely, I now want to learn it! I know that I'm mostly writing to myself since I don't blog very often, but I wanted to get my thoughts out there onto the interwebs. Maybe it'll encourage me to get more active. 73's KM5ART